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1.Using 6063T5,the product strength is very good,it can stand high wind pressure.Resistance to wind pressure test of the actual result:P+5000(pa); 2.Combined the profiles with better airtight strip,the window is tight and without air leakage.Air tightness test result:q=0.8/m after (m.h); 3.The unique principle of isobaric cavity design security under the storm does not appear ponding,leakage phenomenon either.Water tightness test result result:q=0.8/m after (m.h); 4.Ingenious structure and sound insulation hermetic design,indoor quiet.Double glass insulation actual test result:33db/RW=500HZ; 5.Using the high quality roller that can stand 45kg,and pulley used POM material,which has higher strength and abrasion resistance that make it easy and smooth to slid widows.The pulley under 100000 times detection are without damage.